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About us
Credential That LLC has been leading the way in evaluating the qualifications and practice history of medical providers since 2011.

We are proud of our highly competent staff who conduct our physician credentialing services at the highest professional level by focusing on quality and not merely on the quantity of the work we do. Through the years, this has been our guiding philosophy and the reason why we remain your number one choice. Meeting your needs in the ever-changing world of medical provider credentialing is what drives us to be the best, and to get even better.

With diligence and utmost attention to accuracy, we will work with your practice administration in establishing a dependable and professional working atmosphere aimed at delivering the value you expect from us and we will help you organize and maintain a credentialing system in tune with the demands of the time and of the future. 

Our Philosophy

"We believe in the Quality of our work NOT  just the amount of quantity of the work we provide!"

Our Commitment

We commit to being your best of the best credentialing firm, listening to whatever unique requirements may have, and providing you with a credentialing solution that is responsive and complementary your operations. Our fulfillment is to make the information you need readily available, accurate and within your reach at any given time.​​
Credential That LLC recognizes the value of medical credentialing as an essential component in ensuring providers develop and deliver the best professional patient care. We strive to be your best credentialing partner because to us, this is not simply a job, but a benevolent service to the community as well.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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